GGE Rising on V-Day!


On the commercial holiday of Valentine’s Day, GGE took on V-Day’s One Billion Rising campaign to take part in a global movement to end violence against women and girls. We hosted a One Billion Rising event in order to provide a space and opportunity for folks to come together to STRIKE, DANCE and RISE.

The event exceeded our highest expectations and deeply impacted all of our guests! People from all over the city attended and our audience included an intergenerational component, showing us that you are never too young to rise.

Our evening began with STRIKE, where Sisters in Strength (SIS) Organizer, Kisma Herman, discussed the significance of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and why this act needs our support at this time.


Then it was time for DANCE, where SIS organizers taught the official dance of One Billion Rising  to our guests called “Break the Chains.” Through this dance we connected with girls and women we never met before as we reclaimed and celebrated our bodies through movement.

Dance 1

And finally came time to RISE. We offered people a space to share why they are rising and what experiences brought them here. To our surprise people were not only willing to share but waiting on line to tell their story and connect. One by one, girls, women, and men spoke out about why they rise as the audience sat and listened in support of their strength and vulnerability. They each lit a candle on behalf of the women they rose for and the stories they told.

Through divulging some of their heaviest moments and receiving shared understanding they invited healing into the room for themselves and for others.

February 14, 2013 was a historic day; a day where people all over the world rose for themselves, for people they love, for people they never met before and for what they deem to be right.

Thank you for rising with us.

Click here to read about Community Organizing Intern, Brittany Brathwaite’s profound experience at our event!

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